Sunday, September 19, 2010

Working hard for the money

I have a week off Uni so I've picked up some extra shifts at work, which is what I will be doing most days this week. On the days I am not working, I will be working on my Art history presentation which is the Tuesday I get back.

So far, no topics in our reader have really stood out to me. Lately though, I have been really interested in the idea of 'heaven' and 'paradise' and how people subconsciously attempt to construct these realms in real life. Totally an ambiguous and challenging thing to link to art but I'll probably find some weak way to do it. I figure it's better than regurgitating the same old shit we hear every week about, I don't know, how our lecturer's clutch in his car is broken or how he lost his USB.

I guess I got thinking about heaven after I saw this E.T card my Aunty sent me. I just think that is such a brilliant movie and the still on the card was kind of heart wrenching or something. Makes me think about how small we are and how we're all just kind of floating trying to grab on to anything that feels safe or real. Trying to find a home, yearning to live eternally and searching for paradise.

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