Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peter Pan Syndrome

Because it is the school holidays at the moment and the Royal Melbourne Show is on, there are a lot of little children with their Grandparents catching the train. I like this, actually, even though usually little kids really irritate me.

So the people who end up sitting across from me are little girls with their Nanna or something, I guess because I don't look like a stoned 15 year old boy holding a NERF gun and I have red hair. People trust people with red hair. Anyway so yesterday these two little girls sat across from me wearing like High School Musical T-Shirts and they were totally silent like staring at me the whole journey. I just like how kids can stare at whatever the hell they want and it's okay because they're kids. I found it really funny.

I kind of smile at them when they're staring at me and then they get all shy. They reminded me a lot of me when I was little. Anyway so I got up to get off and the Nanna is like telling them to move so I can get out and is like "Say bye to the nice lady" And they kind of smile or whatever and then I realized that when little kids see you as a lady, you've really grown up or something.

Kids at the Cafe' I work at call me 'the lady' too. It's so scary. I don't want to be a lady. I just want to read Babysitters Club books forever.

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