Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mystic crystal revelation

In my photography class we had to photograph a 3D object, so I photographed a magic crystal tree! It was indeed a fun time. I am always inspired by the psychedelic colours. At the moment, I'm really into acidic colours that are kind of arresting and bordering on offensive. In my painting practice, I used to take this interest and go crazy with colour thinking like 'more is more', however, I feel like I have matured significantly in the last 12 months in relation to the subtly of my colour use.

While colour will always be an integral part of my work, I have realized it is significantly more powerful when used sparingly, against a grey or white. Not every square inch of a canvas needs to have mind blowing, jarringly contrasting colour. It loses something in mass. Colour is an incredibly powerful trick of the light that should not be used carelessly, as hard as it is to restrain oneself (especially when you're me).

It's the same with clothes and interiors too. There is definitely something in subtly. It makes for a sleeker product, letting the aesthetics breathe and stand alone. Funnily enough I say this from within the realms of halfheartedly organized clutter and a floordrobe. I'm still learning.

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