Friday, September 10, 2010

Interesting times

Incase anyone is wondering, I had a really great day today. I have begun to make my first 'Zine' and so far it has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. When I am finished, I will let you know where and how you can gain access to a copy! It will have drawings, pictures of Jan Brady, poems, stickers and a bunch of other junk.

I have also been drawing intensely, just quick and immediate ball point pen scribble drawings on perspective graph paper. For me the awkward marks I make o are therapeutic or something. If I couldn't use my hands to draw, paint or make I honestly don't know how I would release this crazy feeling I get when I need to say something or somehow express this vibe I get.

I'm going out 'clubbing' again this weekend for my other high school friends birthday. This will make for interesting times. I actually end up feeling kind of inspired after spending time in a different environment surround by 'normal' people. It's good. I sometimes just like regular shit. Anyway I got my disposable camera developed today and here are some pictures.

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