Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My Penpal sent me the above Madonna single with a lovely letter. It is so great to get mail, I just love coming home to a letter or parcel from Ebay or something. I think in a world where everything is instant it is refreshing to have to wait for something, to go through a realistic process of transferring things that are tangible and real. It is incredibly satisfying.

I also came across the 'Girl's Own Book' at my local Op Shop. Definitely one of the nicest things I've found in a while. It's from 1959 and has an inscription on the inside cover "To Pam, with love for Christmas 1959 From Aunty Marjorie and Uncle Sam" I just love junk like that. I reckon I would have been disappointed if I got that book if I was 12 or something in 1959 though. I think it's super cool now but if I was trying to be cool back then I don't think it would have been cool, you know.

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