Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm watching that idiotic show again. This week they're going to show 'Debbie' how to direct her own erotic movie! Thrilling. Although my current activity doesn't reflect this, I've been very busy today. I am helping with the installation of an exhibition at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery at Uni which involves painting, cleaning, photocopying and drawing.

So it's a really good experience but while doing someone else's work I'm busting to do some of my own. I've been going through a Beatlemania phase at the moment so my current painting is kind of about the Beatles and their fans relationship with them, in particular John. I'm thinking about how he is and was loved by so many people, but about the similarities of the love coming from different sources like Yoko Ono or Mark Chapman who also, in a way, loved him. I'm loving John too.

A lady I talk to every week is loving John, she used to dance all night at a club called the 'Yellow Submarine'. My sister is loving John. I'll even bet Debbie on 'How to have sex after marriage' is loving John.

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