Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cleanin' out my closet

Today I CLEANED OUT MY WARDROBE which is a big deal. I really have the tendencies of a hoarder. Essentially my room is kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the Tinker says to Charlie "Nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever goes out". Not exactly though, because I occasionally go in with bags of crap from Savers. Nothing goes out though. Hardly even me. Anyway so I parted with 4 huge garbage bags of clothes. If I had the motivation I would put it all on Ebay. Alas, maybe one day...

The 'After' picture doesn't even look that good. But it's certainly an improvement. All of my clothes are actually IN my wardrobe now, rather than taking up a few square meters of my floor space. If I was in a hoarder support group like Hoarders Anonymous or something I'm sure they would be proud of me.

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