Monday, July 19, 2010

Purposeless item #1

I like doilies. I just think they are so funny and weird. Someone has gone to a significant amount of effort to crochet this THING that sits under some insignificant item for absolutely no reason other than the user is under the impression that the doily contributes to some sort of pleasurable aesthetic in their home. And they sit there for like 50 years. Doilies never get moved. People don't rearrange their doilies.

They are stuck in a weird time warp where they remain untouched and purposeless, then sometimes, when a little old lady dies, they are yanked by a son-in-law from the spot they have occupied all their life and donated to Savers and then I buy them and they sit on the floor in my room and I spray paint them and sew them together and wave them around and write about them on my blog.

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