Saturday, July 10, 2010

Out of my head

Here I am once again typing to the vast cyber world about my innermost thoughts and The Brady Bunch. I feel like this shiny new blog will bring with it shiny new ideas and inspirations, hopefully those which are more mature.

My name is Minna Gilligan, a 19 year old Art School student struggling with the questions at some stage or another all of us creative, sensitive and painfully perceptive types ask ourselves, like the meaning of our existence and how old Shirley Temple is.

Asking why is scary but in the midst of the internet and other weird things that exist in the world like Miley Cyrus we must press on, questioning until our hearts grow tired and our heads become heavy from watching Wife Swap.

Sometimes, Art helps me to answer the questions I am plagued with. Therefore this new blog is going to be more about my drawings, outfits, paintings, and of course the things I find compelling such as Madonna, Op Shopping and obscure Pop Culture references.

I believe in keeping your eyes open always, and having faith.

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