Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Red is a great colour. It embodies so many inexplicable emotions and I am particularly attracted to it because of its diversity. Red is passion and power, but for me it's also lipstick, primary school, it's picnics, it's that night when I put cellophane over my lights, it's my friend Georgie, my hair, Christmas eve at Nanna's house, it's that movie I watched that time when I turned on the TV really late when I couldn't sleep. Red is all consuming.

This sounds weird, but I think people with (naturally) red hair have some sort of affinity or connection with each other. It doesn't need to be acknowledged verbally or even if it did I wouldn't know quite how to say it, but there's a sensitivity or mutual understanding between people with red hair. Only 1% - 2% of the human population are redheads so we're all pretty closely connected if you ask me. I even think red is my favourite colour.

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